22 November 2012

The maintenance dialog for zXXXXX is incomplete or not defined

Jika ingin tablenya bisa di edit dan di maintain di SM30.

This is how you create maintenance dialog for ztable.

Use tcode SE11, enter the table name click change. In the next screen, click Utitlies-->table maintenance generator.

Enter &NC& as the auth group.
Enter the function group to use (ex. Z_TABMAINT)

click One Step, enter '1' as the screen number. Click the create button.

Once generated, you can use it by going to SM30, enter table name and click maintain.


14 March 2012

Some polite ways to Disagree in Debate in English

Some polite ways to disagree in debate :
  • I hear what you are saying, but i'm not sure i agree
  • I beg to differ
  • You are right in a lot of ways, but have you thought about this...
  • That is one way to think about it....., However, I believe that.
  • Well, my opinion is slightly different. I think....
  • Are you sure about that?Iread this article that says something different.
  • On the other hand, if people did it that way, it might get done faster.
  • You have made some good points here, but i will have to disagree.
  • We had better agree to disagree.
  • I am not sure that's true..
  • Sorry, but i have to disagree with you there